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Pillar Tool Co – the Professional's Choice in Affordable Quality.

Pillar Tool products are distributed by DTM Distributors Ltd and based in Blenheim, New Zealand. 

We are a New Zealand owned company (est. 2010) specialising in the supply of horticultural tools and consumables to the New Zealand horticulture, kiwifruit, grape, pip, stone fruit and floral industries.

Through our various affiliated companies and links, we have been involved within the Horticultural and Power Equipment industries for over 45 years.

We Are Proud Of Our Country-Of-Origin Manufacturing

All our tool and harvestwear factories are based in Taiwan. Our tools are Made in Taiwan from Japanese steels and aluminium alloys. Our factories manufacture Pillar Tools using sophisticated technology and ergonomic design. We only use the highest scientific level of metallurgy, with the best quality alloy steels and heat-treated aluminium alloys. 

Our textile products are manufactured by our Taiwan factories' sister-factories based in China and Vietnam.

Most importantly, we undertake rigorous in-field testing of all our products. You can be assured no compromise has been made on materials, engineering design, functionality and all-important ergonomics. 

Not only do we believe in the highest production standards, we also believe in offering our contractor and trade-users very affordable, competitive pricing.

Opening a commercial account is easy. Simply fill in a few details in our Account area and one of our company representatives will be in touch. 

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Pillar Tools Only Use Quality Materials

Every top cutting blade of Pillar Tools Secateurs and Lopper pruning tools is made from 100% Japanese SK5 heat treated steel alloy.

Our range of quality pruning tools include:
Hand-Held Secateur PrunersLoppers, Pruning Saws, Tape-Tools, Grafting Tools and Sharpeners. 

Pillar Tools Snips

The blades on our Snips are made from high quality heat-treated food grade 420 Stainless Steel. The top blade is ‘serrated’ enabling positive grip, essential for high-speed, faster use with more accurate deployment. The bottom blade is razor sharp straight edge. Plus, Pillar Snips are screwed together (not riveted) with thread grip into a steel pivot bush.

Pillar Tools Harvestwear, Apron Pouches and Picking Bags

Our Apron Pouches and Fruit Picking Bags, are designed by and for the horticultural grape and kiwifruit industrie – right here in New Zealand. The quality of design and functionality is unequalled. Pillar Tools bags, scabbards and water bottle holders are superior in every way, while still representing superior value for money. Our unique Pillar Tools Apron Pouch and scabbard designs are Copyright©.

Spare Parts and Consumables

A large part of our product group includes consumables and spare parts, including Paper Twist-Ties for grape canes, PVC Tape Rolls and Staples for Tape-Tools, and numerous other spare parts to cover most of our popular product groups. Please contact us for any further information.

For our best commercial pricing, simply fill in a few details in our Account section and one of our company representatives will be in touch. 

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