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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Pillar Tools Limited Warranty - Information for Domestic and Commercial Users

Pillar Tools® will warrant to the original purchaser any product supplied to be free from defects in material or workmanship. The obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair and or replacement at Pillar Tools® discretion of any part or finished goods found to be defective in material or workmanship, with no charge for materials, parts and labour. This Warranty is NOT a refund policy. Consequential liability, transportation or loss will not be accepted under this warranty.

Products Covered

This warranty applies to all products sold under the Pillar Tools® brand label. It also covers any factory identified and notified fault or re-call. Special limitation may apply. All other branded products sold under a Pillar Tools® invoice will be warrantied in accordance to that brand's factory warranty policy.

Products Not Covered

The following items and malfunctions are NOT covered by this limited warranty:

  1. Attached Items&nbsp Including, Traction belts, bearings, springs, buffers, hoses, batteries, rust/corrosion, water damage, lack of lubrication, paint appearance and fading, UV affected material and textiles. blunt blades, worn items or parts. 

  2. Third Party Repairs , hire, careless use of the product, misuse and abuse, Incorrect adjustment causing failure, used in a manner that may cause deliberate permanent damage, damage to product from any external source including Human, Accidents, Chemical, Heat and Pressure washers. Fair wear and tear and use of the product outside its design limitations, Including overweight strain or tension to the product or its components, causing failure. Using tools or items in a manner that could deliberately damage Pillar Tools® textiles. Failure to read and understand the English version of the operating manual, or the non-compliant use of industry accepted Health & Safety procedures and the failure to use common sense. The excuse of "no one told me" is not an adequate reason

  3. Harvest and Fruit Picking Bags  Deliberate damage caused from Sitting on the bag   Placing undue weight of fruit inside the Bag. [Note: The Health & Safety weight loading maximum carriage is 23-25Kg’s per human being.   This therefore is the maximum weight engineered for this product.] Any External direct heat source over 48*C (50*F) and pressure washer use. Unofficial modification to the fruit volume control Front ‘Bib’ Side Straps.( Adding extra retaining loops to allow holding larger volumes of fruit)

  4. Commercial users  are not covered by the NZ Consumer Protection Act 1993. 

Domestic Use

Covers personal and private use (covered by the Consumer Protection Act 1993).

Pruning Tools
 10 years (lifetime*).

 6 months. NOTE Use of Non PILLAR Branded TAPE or use of any tape thicker than 125 microns negates the Tapetool Tool warranty

Harvestwear Textiles
 12 months.

 no warranty offered.

Non Pillar Tools items
 refer to that product's brand factory warranty.   

Commercial Use

(NOT covered by the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act 1993) Covers all registered company personnel (not personal or private usage). Hire: there is no warranty cover for product used for hire.

Pruning Tools 2 years (lifetime*).

Tape-Tools 30 Days Commercial Warranty . NOTE Use of Non PILLAR Branded TAPE or use of any tape thicker than 150 microns negates the Tapetool Tool warranty

Harvestwear Textiles 3 months (from accepted seasonal usage start time) or within 12 months from invoice date.

Consumables no warranty offered.

Non Pillar Tools items refer to that product's brand factory warranty.

Goods sold under ‘SALE’, ‘Special Price,’ ‘End of Line’ ‘Sell-Out’ and ‘Run Out’ conditions. Meaning being selectively sold at less than or lower than the published buyers best price level. These products effectively have no published Warranty entitlement. DTM Distributors, at its sole discretion will determine if a Limited Warranty may exist. Goods sold under this banner cannot be returned, credited back or refunded.

To Obtain Warranty Service

If you feel you have a genuine case for a warranty claim Pillar Tools® must be informed at your earliest convenience. An initial digital photo request may be required. Compliance to these or any requests from Pillar Distributors Ltd (Pillar Tools®) must be adhered to if a warranty request is to proceed. Please contact:  info@pillartools.co.nz or call 021 332 221.

1. Initially, all warranty requests, assessment and repairs must be considered as RTB (Return to Base) to Pillar Tools® warehouse unless advised differently in writing.

2. Pillar Tools® will have the sole obligation and responsibility to assess, accept or reject any warranty claim. Simply, if your warranty claim is a genuine manufacturers or distributors factory defect, embodied prior to you taking ownership, or is covered under the NZCGA, a warranty claim is never an issue.

3. Freight and transport costs are the owner’s responsibility. Freight forward will not be accepted.

4. Accepted warranty claims. Warranty repaired or replaced items may be returned freight free at Pillar Tools® discretion.

5. Lock-Downs  Virus, Disease. Government enforced Lock-Down. Any or all Warranty Claims notified to DTM Distributors Ltd just prior to or during a Government recognised pandemic (Level 3 & 4 or Orange & Red) where it is impossible to travel and conduct normal business. The Purchaser must accept whatever assistance the Seller can offer. This may include not being unable to offer any assistance at all. No liability by the Seller of product failure or consequence during this period can be accepted. It must be recognised that once the ‘Lock-down’ period has been lifted to an operational level (Level 1 & 2; Green), that the Seller will at its earliest convenience remedy in accordance to the Limited Warranty procedure, the alleged warranty claim.

6. As a result of any alleged warranty claim, Consequential loss, damages, freight or charges whatsoever, will NOT be accepted under this Pillar Distributors Limited (Pillar Tools®) Limited Warranty.

Warranty Shipping Address:
Pillar Tools® Company 
1616 Line Road, RD2
Ashburton 7772

*Lifetime Secateurs warranty covers any failure due to that failure being as a result of poor-quality manufacture when used at or below the product's expected design limitations. Wear and Tear is not Warranty


February 2023.
All Previous Limited Warranty Procedures and Conditions are superseded.

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