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Fruit Picking Bag Harness Set-Up


Worn Out and Damaged Backs, including Hygiene ‘IS’ a health and Safety Issue !!

Pillartools Fruit Picking Bags, Harnesses and Lumber Support Belts, can reduce the incidence of ‘BACK PAIN’ and LOWER BACK STRAIN & DETERIORATION. Back degeneration can now be a compensation issue to workers by employers, under the more enlightened Health & Safety, Work-Safe regimes. The Pillar Fruit Picking Bag ‘Harness’ transfer most of the Bag weight through the waist, not down through the shoulders. This leaves the arms free to pick with little restraint from the shoulder straps.

The correct Set-Up is most important.

FIRST: Place your Name or I.D. tag into the two I.D. pockets. Layout the harness, inside up. Make sure all ‘pads’ and ‘webbing straps’ are sitting correctly, with no twists in the webbing belts.

Harness Set-Up is Important:

[Basic adjustment factory settings are for an ave, 75 – 85 kg x 260-280cm worker]

1. Front adjust Buckles: Set webbing adjustment to 10 cm from nylon adjust Buckles to Steel Clips. (Factory setting)

2. Dual Side Straps: Set adjustment to 30 cm from plastic adjust buckles to steel clips.

3. Connect all the steel Harness hooks to the fruit bag Harness locator loops in correct sequence and correct way around.

4. Slide Harness over your head for a final comfort set-up adjustment.

5. Check front adjustment height. The top edge of the Fruit Bag should touch your elbows or be slightly higher. Adjust the front buckles accordingly. (This can be stiff) NOTE: Do not adjust for a firm fit over the shoulders. The Harness must be a lose fit.

6. Adjust the Harness Side Straps evenly (You may need help) so the Bag is ‘firm’ to ‘tight’ around the Back/Waist. Again, both Harness side straps MUST BE A FIRM to TIGHT FIT!

7. Your Pillartools Harness and Fruit Picking Bag is now set up correctly for YOU !

8. Remove Harness/ Fruit Bag by lifting over your head and set aside. It is not necessary to un-clip Harness from Bag to remove.

“HINT”: Using a hairdryer to warn up the webbing at the nylon adjustment buckle once adjusted correctly, This will help lock-in and ‘set’ the webbing to this adjustment setting. By heating the webbing, will help reduce the incidence of belt slippage at the buckle.


1. Place the Lumber Support Belt around the waist midway between the hip bone and rib bone – now Connect the buckle.

2. Adjust the buckle to a very ‘FIRM’ and comfortable fit.

3. Allow 20cm – 30 cm of surplus belt after adjustment, for future adjustment. Cut off the surplus with scissors. Melt the raw edge with a lighter or match to seal material. Discard the off-cut into an appropriate refuse.


1. Once the Lumber Support Belt has been firmly and comfortably adjusted to your waist, place the fruit Picking Bag Assembly over your head, Check all adjustments and security and comfort of fit.

2. Simple check list:

a. All steel clips sitting correctly on loops

b. Top of bag height at the elbow

c. The bag front should sit ‘up’ on a slight angle.

d. Side straps nice and firm around the waist/back.

e. Shoulder pads slightly loose at shoulder.(not a firm fit) To allow for free arm raise movement.

f. Pull down front clip cover pads as low as they can go on the webbing so as to cover the metal clips.

g. Side ‘Bib’ straps locating ‘Rings’ secure on the No. 1 loops.

3. If it is all good to go, you are now ready to work in comfort.


1. To re-connect the Front Bib Steel Side Rings after dumping fruit.

You must connect each side Ring Separately.

One side, then pull the other side strap tight before you connect the other side strap Ring.

This is important to keep the picking operational at speed high.


Connect the Left Bib steel side ring, pull hard on the right side Bib loop strap. Now connect the Right steel side ring. Use this same principle when lowering the side straps to Ring Number TWO. Lower one ring at a time.

NOTE: The ring locating ‘PIN’ angle can be adjusted. See your supplier.

2. Under the COVID, Health & Safety recommendations. Use Anti-Viral spray on the Harness before each days operation. The Harness should be removed from the Bag weekly and laundered in warm water with added disinfectant.

Allow to Dry naturally.

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